Please read the following carefully and fill out our Consent form.

Legal Information


I am aged 18 plus and wish to take part in a Clip ‘n Climb session, and / or

I give consent for the under-18’s named to take part. I am the parent or guardian of these children, or have permission from their parents or guardians to sign on their behalf.



“Clip ‘n Climb can be a very physically demanding activity”

I confirm that no-one taking part has any medical conditions that might be made worse by climbing at Clip ‘n Climb. This includes neck, back, shoulder, hip and knee injuries, as well as pregnancy. If I have any concerns about anyone in my group, I will speak to a member of staff.



“Clip ‘n Climb looks after you by maintaining its equipment, training its staff well, and providing insurance against major incidents and our negligence. Due to the physical nature of activity at Clip ‘n Climb, minor injuries like bumps, bruises and scrapes are common”

I accept that minor injuries such as those outlined above are likely, and agree to indemnify Clip ‘n Climb for claims relating to these under all normal circumstances.

I understand that Clip ‘n Climb is not responsible for my belongings, and that lockers are available within the building if I wish to use them.



I agree to follow the instructions that will be given to me in the Safety Briefing, and to follow the verbal instructions of Clip ‘n Climb staff during the session. I will make sure I understand these instructions before I take part.

I will ensure that under-18’s in my care understand and follow these instructions too.



Now, that’s the legal bit over, so from here on in we hope you have fun at Clip ‘n Climb!